Email-based stat tracking

Send an email to [email protected] with your stat in the subject line. No apps, logins, or spreadsheets to manage.

Or send an SMS to (866) 488-9024.

Absolute stats

Let's say you're tracking your weight. You probably think of your weight as an absolute number that moves around over time. So, you'd send an email to [email protected] with this subject:

weight 175

Over the next few days, you send in some more stats:

weight 174.6
weight 173.0
weight 173.5

Each time you send a stat you'll get an updated chart back in your inbox. The last chart would look like this:

Relative stats

Relative numbers like +5 and -2 work better when you think of a stat as a series of incremental ups and downs. To reuse the poker example from above, it makes more sense to log how much we won or lost in a session as relative number rather than as an absolute number.

So, you could send several emails with one stat per subject.

poker +5
poker +0
poker -5

Or, you could send several stats in one subject line and separate them with semicolons (;).

poker +167;   poker -10;   poker -20
poker +15;   poker +2

The last chart would look like this:

Ready to go?

It's free and there's no registration.

Just start emailing stats to [email protected] or send an SMS to 866-488-9024.